À La Carte Classes

  • Dynamic Medical Aesthetic Consultations | $400

    Build long-term relationships with your patients so they can enjoy exceptional care and you can count on revolving income without feeling like a used car salesman.


  • HIPAA Compliance, EMR and charting and Patient’s Bill of Rights | $200

    Learn administrative best practices to keep your patient’s personal health information detailed, current and well protected.


  • Skin Anatomy and Physiology Review | $400

    This course is indispensable for cosmetologists, nurses and other health professionals who want to transition from their current specialty into the world of medically focused aesthetics.


  • Acne: A Deep Dive | $500

    Take a deep dive into the world of acne prevention, causes, and treatment from both the medical and aesthetic perspectives.


  • Melasma | $400

    Melasma is one of the more difficult aesthetic skin conditions to treat. In this course, you will learn what melasma is, how to identify it in patients, and how to mitigate it.


  • Rosacea and Couperose | $400

    Rosacea and Couperose, learn the difference between them and how to effectively care for them in the treatment room.


  • Oncology Aesthetics | $400

    Aesthetic treatment for oncology patients requires accurate knowledge of cancer and the skin-related side effects resulting from different treatments.


  • Navigating Autoimmune Diseases in the Treatment Room | $250

    Learn how to sidestep mishaps in the treatment room when working with patients who suffer autoimmune diseases or disorders.


  • Radio Frequency in Aesthetics | $500

    A course including history, current overview, and new innovative applications of radio frequency in aesthetics.


  • Plasma Skin Regeneration | $200

    This course will teach you about true plasma skin regeneration (not plasma or fibroblast pens) This high-energy emerging technology will be exploding onto the aesthetics scene and taking over the laser resurfacing market. Don’t be the last to know about it!


  • Advanced Medical Microneedling | $500

    Understand the theory behind, and differences between micro needling, micro channeling, and nano-infusion. Learn to harness the power of each needle depth along with complementary ingredients, for results-driven treatments delivered with one elegant, medical-grade device, Candela Exceed Medical Microneedling. Upon class completion students will be eligible to access the Candela Exceed device at a one-time deeply discounted rate.


  • Dermaplane | $400

    Dermaplane certification training that includes theory, dry planning VS oil planning, clinical application instruction, blade and handle options, and much more. This course includes your own dermaplane kit.


  • Custom Aesthetic Protocol and Treatment Plan Development | $350

    Build customized protocols and treatment plans for each patient’s individual needs. Explore ingredients and their purposes and how to couple them with in-office services for amazing results every time.


  • Navigating Adverse Response | $200

    When something goes wrong, and eventually, it will, learn how to handle it with grace and professionalism while protecting your liability and your relationship with your patient.


Please contact our office directly to schedule you course. Once registered, students will receive digital copies of text materials via email.