A medical aesthetician is a practitioner that typically works in a medical office setting, surgical office setting or a medical spa under the direction of a medical doctor, or nurse practitioner.

A medical aesthetician provides services that focus on results-driven skincare including cosmeceutical ingredients and protocols, laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, micro-needling, and other emerging skin rejuvenation technologies. Medical aestheticians are expected to provide care without overstepping his/her scope of practice and while respecting the treatment plan of the directing medical professional. They are also required to adhere to medical office compliance standards such as HIPAA law, patient rights and responsibilities, charting, and clean or sterile technique. In some practices, medical aestheticians will be asked to attend surgical procedures that require laser services in the operating room while the patient is under general anesthesia.

Knowing how to work in this environment is requisite to success, and is different training than what is provided in the basic course in aesthetics. Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy will train and prepare aestheticians for the specialized field of medical aesthetics and all of the rewarding experiences it brings. 

At Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy, we believe that there is no replacement for real-life experience. Training within an existing medical complex allows students to see what the working environment is truly like. Students will tour each of our facilities and get a behind-the-scenes look at what a day in the life of a medical aesthetics professional looks like.

Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy is currently awaiting our approval from the Arizona state board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Our school only employs qualified instructors who have worked within the medical aesthetics industry. Our licensed Aesthetics instructors are seasoned, career aestheticians with advanced education and teaching backgrounds specific to the curriculum being taught.

Our laser educators are certified laser instructors and our facility is approved and registered with the Arizona Department of Health Services and Bureau of Radiation Control. Our state registration number is CLS-2159. 


Our injectables program is only taught by Leslie Johnson FNP-C, Co-owner, and Medical Director. She has been performing cosmetic injectables for over 15 years, and has prior experience teaching cosmetic injectables. Her calm and patient demeanor, commitment to exceptional patient care, and her incomparable attention to detail make her an outstanding educator, and a master at her craft.


Prospective students must meet the following requirements prior to being accepted for admission:

  • Display a genuine desire, readiness, and commitment to successfully complete the academic program for which admission is requested
  • Provide evidence of completion of one of the following educational requirements:
    ~High School Diploma*~High School Equivalency, such as GED or other equivalency recognized by the state~College Academic Transcript showing attainment of an Associate’s Degree*
  • Provide a copy of state or US Government issued photo identification
  • Complete the required application and enrollment documents
  • Pay the required $200.00 registration fee (must accompany the Student Enrollment Contract)

*Foreign high school diplomas/college transcripts used to meet education requirements must be translated to English, evaluated to show equivalency of a high school diploma attained in the United States, and any associated fees are at the applicant’s expense. Med-Surg will provide applicants detailed information and instructions, if applicable. Med-Surg reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant who Med-Surg, on the basis of background, record, statements, and conduct during the admissions process, determines to not be qualified to succeed in (or benefit from) the academic program for which admission is requested. Med-Surg does not accept Ability-to-Benefit students. All courses at Med-Surg are taught only in English.


Because we are training individuals on advanced concepts, we require students to have at minimum, an aesthetics license or be a medical assistant in order to enroll in our laser program. Individuals without prior formal education in skin anatomy, physiology, and histology are not eligible for our programs. Injectables training, More advanced laser programs, and abbreviated programs are available for those who are licensed registered nurses or higher degreed health professionals. 

Because Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy is committed to teaching the most up-to-date technologies, concepts, and protocols, we have partnered with some of the best cosmetic device manufacturers in the industry. It is with pride that we train on Sciton, Cutera, AdvaTx, and Candela.

As new technologies emerge and our partnerships grow, there may be additional technologies integrated, and add-on classes will be made available.


You don't have to stop your life to start the rest of your life! Our hybrid learning structure is thoughtfully designed to allow for a workable student/life balance. Some days will consist of in-person classroom learning, some will will be partially remote, and some days will be spent in the clinic doing practical learning. During your Mastery Unit, you will be sent to a local partner medical aesthetics practice for two weeks to complete an externship that will allow you to gain a real life perspective of the industry. Clock hours will be strictly monitored for student success.


During online learning, students will be logging into a Zoom meeting and they will be asked to keep their camera on at all times (per the State requirements for online learning). The curriculum is delivered by a live educator in a relaxed and engaging classroom setting with real-time interactions between classmates and instructors. In-Person Sessions will take place at one of our two facilities in either Scottsdale AZ, or Peoria, AZ.

During hands-on learning, students will arrive at one of our training facilities in either beautiful Scottsdale AZ, or Peoria, AZ where they will log 8 hours of clinical training per scheduled school day. State requirements for hands-on training include 24 hours of laser hair reduction as well as 10 completed treatments, and an additional 24 hours comprised of IPL, fractionally ablative laser, fully ablative laser, and vascular laser with 10 completed treatments in each of 15 modalities.

Yes! We proudly offer tours of our Scottsdale AZ, or Peoria, AZ training facilities. Because Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy’s hands-on laser and device training take place within a fully operational medical aesthetics practice, we can only offer tours by appointment. Please call 480.785.0085 to schedule your tour.  

The short answer is ROI or "Return on Investment."

The national average yearly income of a spa aesthetician working full time is $39,253. While the national average yearly income of a medical aesthetician is $57,520. The top 10% of earners in medical aesthetics can make up to $100,000/year.

When you do the math, you'll see that in your first year, at the national average earning potential ($57,520/year), you make $18,267 more than the average spa aesthetician. Over the 5-10 years it takes to get into the medical aesthetics field through traditional channels, you could be missing out on $91,335 - $182,670!

Because we offer career placement counseling and a private job board specifically for Med-Surg graduates, you can rest easy knowing that you've made a sound investment in your future.