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Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy is proud to partner with Sciton® for on-site advanced clinical trainings and preceptorships that can be purchased using your Sciton Success Builder Points.

Advanced laser trainings can be customized to you or your practice's specific laser training needs. All Trainings and preceptorships come with a 30 minute planning session to outline which modalities and subjects we should cover, written reference materials for you to keep, and two post-training follow ups.

 Distinguished Training Partner and Luminary

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While the physics of laser remain the same, our ability to harness their power and create life-changing results is ever changing. New protocols, techniques, and devices call for expanding education and clinical applications that match the Superior Sciton Technologies we are so fortunate to have at our disposal.

~Erin Cooper, LME, CLT

Owner and Clinical Trainer

Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy


Fees for Sciton Advanced Training are Individually Invoiced

4.5 Hr. Half Day Preceptorship - $1,500 OR 3 Success Builder Points

7.5 Hr. Full Day Preceptorship - $2,500 OR 5 Success Builder Points

*Travel Expenses are additional for trainings Outside of Arizona* 

All Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy Preceptorships are provided by Erin Cooper, LME, CLT who is a Sciton Luminary, KOL, and Distinguished Training Partner

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Regency Specialties Preceptorship 2

Customizable Preceptorships

  • Advanced BBL®
  • Advanced BBL® HERO™
  • Advanced HALO®
  • Advanced MOXI®
  • Sciton Stax Advanced Combination Treatments
  • Skin Tyte®
  • ProFractional®
  • Contour TRL® Erbium Resurfacing
  • ClearSilk®
  • ClearV®
  • Patient Selection and Skin Typing
  • Treating Fitzpatrick's IV-VI
  • Long Term Patient Retention
  • Enhancing Laser Treatments with Medical Grade Skincare
  • Creating Packages
  • Managing Patient Expectations