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Arizona's Premier Medical Aesthetics and Laser Certification Training Center

Welcome to Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy. You are about to embark on a rewarding journey into the world of advanced medical aesthetics and medical cosmetic device education. Prepare to be at the top of the list for job opportunities within the fields of medical spas, plastic surgery, and dermatology. Our comprehensive programs offer courses in medical facility operations, medical terminology, sterile technique, sanitation, laser biophysics, laser safety and operations, radiofrequency, plasma, autoimmune disorders in the treatment room, advanced skin disorders, superior consultation techniques, and so much more.

Medical aesthetics is a niche profession requiring specialized knowledge and training. Upon completing any of our training programs, you will have well-honed practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the medical sector of aesthetics. Become an in-demand, highly sought-after candidate for medical aesthetics employment opportunities. Again, we welcome you! May your training lead to a long, enjoyable, and profitable career as a Med-Surg certified medical aesthetician.

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— The Med-Surg Story —

When Erin Cooper, our founder, CEO, and experienced clinical trainer, began her career as an aesthetician 27 years ago, the professional scope and earning potential were limited. Determined to change how medical aestheticians navigate their career paths, she founded Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy, offering programs for licensed aestheticians seeking laser certification and wanting to learn specialized skills specific to medical and surgical environments.

Med-Surg Academy will prepare you for a rewarding career in medical aesthetics. Education is paramount to continued success in the industry. Our team is committed to providing you with the most current and innovative treatment information available!


— Our Technology —

We Train For The Science, Not The Device

At Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy, we use the best of the best in medical aesthetics technology to provide you with "real" experiences to prepare you for success and confidence working in the multi-billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry. From our "Bentley of lasers," the Sciton JOULE Aesthetic Laser Platform to the new Sciton' mJOULE, Cutera XEO Platform Laser, FormaTK ALPHA, Scarlet SRF, AGNES RF, and NeoGen PSR, we've got you covered!

At Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy, our focus is on the science, not the device. That means the experience and knowledge you'll gain training on our state-of-the-art technology applies to other aesthetic device brands and procedures. With the continual introduction of new technologies, cosmetic devices, and treatment protocols, your training will prepare you to adapt and work successfully alongside physicians and surgeons, supporting and enhancing their practices.


— For Providers —

Build Your Device Portfolio

Choosing the right devices and modalities for your patient demographic can make or break the success of your practice. Whether you are looking to start building your portfolio of devices, or you want to add to, and expand your modalities, we can help. Not every company will approach sales ethically, and not all will help you scale your business strategically and responsibly. We are always happy to connect you with companies that care about, and support their partners with marketing, education, and technical support. 

Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy has chosen to associate and grow with some of the best  medical aesthetics technology companies and distributors in the industry. Click on any of the device logos above to be redirected to the corresponding technology's sales and support team. Click on any of the company logos below to see the innovative products offered by each. Email Med-Surg Aesthetics and Laser Academy directly to set up a custom device portfolio consultation. 

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